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Title: 2015-02-23T11:45:41.013-08:00
This is my favorite Chinese Takeout Restaurant. The food is absolutely delicious!
Title: 2015-01-03T15:19:54.624-08:00
Always the best food
Title: 2015-01-03T14:26:07.139-08:00
really good food
Title: 2014-12-26T14:49:43.389-08:00
Food is good and they deliver
Title: 2014-12-19T15:03:58.111-08:00
Service ALWAYS delivered with a smile. It makes the already delicious food, priceless!
Title: 2014-12-03T15:28:03.898-08:00
Consistently good food and service. I always get delivery and am never disappointed.
Title: 2014-11-24T15:02:20.206-08:00
I have only ordered online but the food is excellent and the quantity is very reasonable for the price.
Title: 2014-11-24T10:34:54.347-08:00
A Healthy tasting Chinese Cuisine
Title: 2014-11-15T15:20:56.050-08:00
Great Chinese, we've been eating here for years and still love it!
Title: 2014-11-15T13:08:14.128-08:00
Great food
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