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Title: 2018/7/25 0:09:37
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Title: 2018/3/11 15:56:06
Hello I am a friend of Christina Wang I attended her party when she moved into our neighborhood and you all served your delicious food. My daughter is getting married June 3rd and she and her fiance love chinese food and we would possibly like to cater her reception with chinese food. Do you cater? Please let me know ASAP and thank you. Danielle Boyd
Title: 2018/2/13 11:27:26
I called my order in 1:55pm i sat and waited over 30 minutes and the whole time my order was already up and the lady didn’t even say a word!
Title: 2018/12/21 16:39:09
Called in food it's always over an hour wait, today it was over 1.5 hours, called to check on it, of course it was out. Called back 30 min later to cancel. Haven't eaten from here in a while due to Extremely slow delivery times. And never will again. Food is also not good, was going for convenience, but you guys failed, again.
Title: 2018/11/26 22:40:41
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Title: 2018/11/12 18:15:29
Y’all need to find a faster way to deliver food. I’ve been waiting for over an hour that is just nonsense. You expect people to pay for old cold food. When you say 45 mins or less you need to stick with that, if you can’t then don’t offer a delivery service. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Title: 2017/11/21 17:33:36
Title: 2015-08-02T14:47:24.178-07:00
1st time eating there last night the food was awesome
Title: 2015-05-11T13:14:02.711-07:00
Worst service. Over an hour, no food, no warning on website related to peak hrs (ordered at 3pm). Called, was told it would be another 30 minutes (could hear them in the background trying to find order) - pushed back, expecting some compensation and was argued with re: time placed order, told it can take up to 2 hrs due to traffic (seriously, in greenville) -- won't use again.
Title: 2015-04-27T16:37:15.733-07:00
Menu states that a coupon is available online. I'm clicking on the more box that has coupon under it
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